NetMonitor - a unique monitoring system with "Sniffers" build in

Solutions and products

NetMonitor - a unique monitoring system that integrates automated monitoring and recording ("Sniffer") information for continuous and online monitoring of network processes, identifying problematic factors, locating loads and bottlenecks, identifying response time problems and predicting future failures. Integrated monitoring aspects in one product :System, Communication, Information Security

Performance testing service and site survey
Implementing an integrated monitoring system and sillifiers in a service model
NAC: Network access control ,Device management system and intrusion detection

The Benefit

.Reducing network communication downtime
.SLA control transmission provider
.Service level security for users
.Savings on procurement costs of equipment and expansion of bandwidths
.high level of service for the organization's us
. Implementation of the solution and short training times
.Easy and friendly system, flexible and scalable


Tracking of protocols, Network transmission quality, response times
.Communication Quality between branches and network security
.Central / Integrated LAN / WAN monitoring system Monitoring remote networks
.Implementation of the solution in a short time :usually 1-3 days
.The web based system is open, flexible and has expansion capabilities
.Short training time, simple operation easy and resting
Real-time network detection and alert capabilities, including database management