Customer Stories


Tempo is looking for a solution that will enable it to control the company's network, with emphasis on a system specializing in network monitoring only. There are many complex systems in the market, but NetMonitor gives me easy and quick access to monitoring communications in the organization without any need for a team that will be "serviced" to the system. The system enables us to locate irregular loads on the various lines, whether it is on the lines between the branches or this. In the intra-organizational infrastructure, such as locating ports in switches In terms of abnormal data can be said that the service was thorough preparation and mapping of the network before setting up the system so that after the establishment of the system have no need in close and if there is a need for change or additions carried out during application development.

RAD Bynet

The NetMonitor system is used as a central communications system in the organization. Integration and integration of a number of subjects into one simple and easy to operate system: Network manifestations and mappings, historical load control,


The system integrator complements the "on" systems in the organization. The integration of the snappers with the ability of automatic recordings gives us a real-time response to what is going on in our transmission lines around the world. NetMonitor displays a quality graph and a load graph along the time axis next to each other. This gives us a real image and a good control over LATENCY and load in communication lines.


The NetMonitor system provides us with response controls on the capital market, a unique product and capabilities that do not exist in standard monitoring products, in-depth analysis of millisecond resolutions, response time response problems, and real-time communications quality control