Troubleshooting performance issues

Troubleshooting performance issues

When you communicate with a destination, the information passes through routers on the way. Some of these routing points are controlled by the organization and some are under the control of the communications provider.

Sometimes someone on the way (not necessarily within your organization) makes changes to the routing settings. These changes affect the response times and nerve thresholds of end-customers responding to any service-level decline.

The common control systems do not provide an indication or response to such a change, leaving the network administrator with a service problem whose origin is unclear.

Recently, demands have been received from several customers to receive alerts and notice of real-time routing changes.

A newly developed Bentmonitor module is designed to address the problem. This module can alert and report in real time any changes in routing, this allows control of the provider and the possibility to respond to any change before the end users begin to complain.

The communications person knows the required routing by heart so that if he executes the command he knows about changes but does not know when the change has occurred, but in large networks with remote branches in Israel and around the world The subject is complex.

In order to facilitate routing detection, it is possible, in the first stage, to unload the configuration of the routing settings for files and save them as documentation for later use for historical comparison.

When necessary to analyze communication malfunctions, the network administrator will be thankful with will be in possession of these files with which to find a source of problems effectively.