System performance issues - Disabling event, things to know

Broadcast / Multicast monitoring and quick neutralization of the operation factor

Network monitoring is very important to produce a continuous graph describing the level of broadcast on the network along the timeline.

From looking at the graph of Multicast \ Broadcast you can learn about network stability over time

Broadcast changes are caused by

Disconnections, server failures, FW changes, VLAN changes, running scan programs, viruses using the Broadcast mechanism, installing faulty drivers, connecting faulty devices to the network, loop execution in communications equipment, and more.

In a system installed in many bodies, we monitor the broadcast / Multicast continuously

We developed a unique mechanism that automatically records information ("Sniffer" recordings) during an exception or network event.

The recorded data clearly shows us who is the trigger, what the operation was, and the precise location of the device.

Customer Story

In a security company, there were phenomena of system collapse, slowness and performance problems.
The Netmonitor system immediately identified doors on one of the floors that were apparently faulty, causing the network to explode and the systems to collapse, immediate identification of the cause, location and neutralization of the location by a netmonitor system saved a lot of downtime