About Us

Our company develops an integrated network monitoring and control product with "Distribued Sniffers" build in . The system we are marketing is a unique system that combines monitoring system, communications and information security.
We developed a unique mechanism that automatically records information ("Sniffer" recordings) during an exception or network event.
The system has been selected as a monitoring solution in large and small organizations in the industrial, high-tech, government and financial sectors, and is implemented in Israel and abroad with great success.
We are engaged in the establishment of LAN / WAN monitoring systems and the cloud environment, as well as integration into organizational systems.
Our company provides unique monitoring solutions, performance testing service and site survey.
The company has a unique range of flexible business models and solutions suitable for each customer, combined with a wide range of professional technical and project services.
We look forward to seeing you among our customers who enjoy our high quality and professional service.