Auto Map Topology & Device Discover
Auto Map Topology & Device Discover

  • Automatically create physical topology maps automatically
  • Network Component Ids and Mappings (name, address, switch IDs, SLOT / PORT)
  • Active dynamic map Drilldown from map level to FRAME level
  • Search for a device and find its physical connection
  • Device management and physical location identifiers: Network Access Control


Integrated Monitor Performance Solution
Integrated Monitor Performance Solution

  • Device and application availability Indicates device health
  • Historic LAN \ WAN Performance Load Control.
  • Historical monitoring of applications, protocols, and users.
  • Unusual network activity factor (LAN \ WAN) IDs and detection of performance issues
  • IDs and whether or not a performance issue from an application or communication


Expert Sniffer Monitoring over time
Expert Sniffer Monitoring over time

  • Passive listening monitoring - historical monitoring Snipper protocol analyzers for recording data
  • Expert analysis - Automatic detection of performance and communication and application problems.
  • Information on the quality of the transmission over time (Expert Sniffer, History Retransmissions, Communication Quality)
  • IDs: Up to Activity Level / Frames Protocols / Applications / User
  • Error detection, quality quality check and speed rate performance
  • SLA - Check transmission provider